Gold Videos

This page of resources is dedicated to educating clients on how gold sits in a portfolio and why we hold it. These snippets are part of longer videos but we have captured what we consider the key elements of these videos. You can access the whole videos by going directly into YouTube.

Gold Strategy

Why and how gold can be incorporated into your strategy

Money is going to Gold and inflation is coming

Gold is money. We are seeing the end of the current fiat currency regime due to inflation.

History of Gold

A brief history of Gold and its use as a store of wealth.

All fiat currencies are impacted

All fiat currencies have the same fundamental flaw…they can be manipulated by Central Bankers and governments.

Removal of Sound Money

A brief history of money in the last 100 years and how it may have run its course.

Should we fear INflation or Deflation?

Both situations need to be addressed. We are currently in a deflationary environment but it is expected that the massive money printing will eventually change to an inflationary environment.

Weimar Hyperinflation 1923

An example from history of what happens when inflation takes hold.

Why didn't we get inflation after 2008

Loss of confidence in money will mean precious metals will protect you

What happens when confidence erodes in the monetary system?

Gold is Money

Central banks can’t print gold. The Gold price stays the same it’s the fiat money around gold that changes.

The Amount of Central Bank Printing

Central Bankers are printing money at huge levels and will do “whatever it takes” to keep the wheels on.

How Much money Printing will do and what that means for the fiat currency

Will fiat money survive the current levels of money printing?

Ray Dalio: Debt Monetization

Ray Dalio talks about the level of global debt levels and the fact we are in a new world. He discusses debt monetization and what it means for you.

Further Reading:


Basic Understanding

  • The New Case for Gold – Jim Rickards
  • Why Gold Matters – Peter J August


More Comprehensive Reading

  • The Death of Money – Jim Rickards
  • Currency Wars – Jim Rickards
  • The Road to Ruin – Jim Rickards
  • Aftermath – Jim Rickards
  • The Collapse of the Dollar – James Turk and John Rubino
  • The Real Crash – Peter Schiff
  • A Banquet of Consequences – Satyajit Das