I’m an Investor

Shartru Wealth Management offers a broad range of financial advice services for individuals and families, and is appropriately qualified Australian Financial Services Licensee.

Financial Planning

Begin your path to financial freedom with us. We take a holistic view of your overall financial situation and goals―from the outset, we’ll help you to identify your objectives and lifestyle goals, and develop strategies to help you reach them

Accounting and Taxation

We perform both accounting and taxation advice and compliance services for individuals, partnerships companies and trusts.


Retirement Planning

Will your current retirement plan allow you to retire with the lifestyle you enjoy now?

Would you like to explore ways to maximise your retirement income and protect your wealth?

Planning for your retirement is probably one of the most important financial decisions you ever make. Most people equate the purchase of their home as the most important financial decision they make and they then spend 20-30 years making it happen. With retirement planning, people seem to take the opposite approach and sit on their hands. At Shartru Wealth Management, we believe in planning for financial security from day one as it is time and the correct strategy that can make all of these financial aspirations achievable.


We can quickly, and cost effectively, help you make an informed decision. Our team can help you answer complex questions, undertake cashflow analysis based on the fee structure, living costs, tax implications and the financial treatment of the family home.

Estate Planning

Wealth can easily be lost across generations if the right decisions are not made to properly transfer and protect wealth. We can help with wills, joint assets, life insurance proceeds, superannuation death benefits, trust, assets, company assets, partnership assets, guardianship of children.

House and Investment Loans

Shartru Wealth Management has external specialists that will find the loan that best meets your requirements but more importantly advise you on a strategy that will focus on increasing your overall wealth.

Risk Management and Life Insurance

In the event of death, injury or illness you need to adequately provide for mortgage costs and other living expenses. We can assist you to develop a strategy to protect your most valuable asset – you.

Business Succession

How will your business survive if you are not there? What tax consequences will you face if you sell your business? We can ensure the right strategy is implemented to allow for such considerations.