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What companies are Dominating the competition of the Share Market

What companies are Dominating the competition of the Share Market?

What did it look like in 2013? Apple is now bigger by value than the entire Australian stock exchange. We are seeing a dislocation between some and the rest, particularly in North America. What will be the impact of mean reversion?
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Bold shift in direction’ How young people will get jobs in 2025

‘Bold shift in direction’: How young people will get jobs in 2025

The national education system will need to undergo a “bold shift in direction” if high school graduates are to be job-ready for a post-pandemic world, a new review has found. The ATAR model is no longer enough to equip students with the skills they need, and teachers are frustrated by the way it narrows the…
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The industry begging for workers amid Covid 19

The industry begging for workers amid Covid-19

Businesses needing essential workers are still hiring in droves, despite the second Covid-19 wave impacting the Australian economy, new LinkedIn data has revealed. Transport and logistics jobs are up nearly 100 per cent on this time last year, and jobs in health care are up 68 per cent. Public administration jobs are up just under…
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Ray Dalio

Dalio on Impact of Deficits, Election, U.S.-China Tensions

Ray Dalio is the billionaire founder of the largest hedge fund in the world, Bridgewater Associates. In this short clip, Ray talks about the need to do diversification “well” in your portfolio. “The Shartru Way” requires that the correlation of assets is of paramount consideration during portfolio construction. This ensures “well” diversification is achieved thus providing superior…
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Covid 19 has worsened inequality So why are shares higher than ever

Covid-19 has worsened inequality. So why are shares higher than ever?

The coronavirus crisis will exacerbate wealth and income inequality, and this will have consequences for investment returns, economists have warned. In a note, Oxford Economics economist John Payne said the pandemic tended to worsen the wealth divide over the medium- and long-term, as debt rises for lower earners while the wealthy see their savings increase.…
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80 20 rule How to level up your savings

80/20 rule: How to level up your savings

Those of you looking to maximise your time and work smarter, not harder, have almost definitely heard of the 80/20 rule – it’s a classic. Also known as The Pareto Principle or Pareto’s Law, this strategy is all about using your limited time and resources to complete the few tasks that achieve the largest results.…
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32 year old woman becomes youngest ASX200 independent director 1

32-year-old woman becomes youngest ASX200 independent director

Bridget Loudon has smashed the age record on the ASX 200 for a non-executive director by years, becoming an example of a company seeking something different from an independent board director. According to reports by the AFR and Forbes, Loudon is 32 years old. But it’s not just age; it’s a different kind of experience…
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Top 10 Financial To Dos

Top 10 Financial To-Dos

The year has all but come to an end and the lazy afternoons of summer holidays are calling. But it can be hard to put your feet up if your financial affairs aren’t in order, or if you know that there are matters that still need your attention. To help you address this and ensure…
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Secrets to building a multi million dollar property portfolio

Secrets to building a multi-million dollar property portfolio

When property investor Vickie Sweeney was seven years’ old, she made a big statement. She told her mum that she didn’t want to be as poor as her. “I don’t even remember saying that, but obviously I had that in my head,” Sweeney told the Yahoo Finance Breakfast Club webinar on property investment. Unfortunately, the path to…
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