Moving Abroad As A Young Professional Helps Boost Your Career

The 2019 Expat Explorer Survey 2019 reveals that young professionals who move abroad before their 35th birthday are more successful in the long run. Their pay packets increase the most along with their career potential.

According to the survey almost half of young expats choose to go to live and work abroad for career reasons, and it seems that they are making the right move. Over half of them gain more confidence whilst abroad and 71% learn new working skills and tend to be promoted more quickly. Some change career entirely whilst away, with 10% even starting their own business in the new country.

Those millennials who become expats will generally see a 35% increase in their salary. Many are thinking about financial security and their future and take advantage of the increase in income to buy property.

At the time of the Survey, Hong Kong was particularly popular amongst young professionals, although the current unrest is causing concern to many expats. Over half of young people moving to Hong Kong do so to push themselves forward in their career.

Other popular destinations include the USA for improved quality of life and career progression and Poland, where well over half go to boost their career and enjoy an excellent work-life balance.

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The 2019 Expat Explorer survey is a global survey completed by 18,059 expats across the world.

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