Estate Planning

Should You Buy or Rent?

Should you Buy or Rent? It’s the age-old question. Should you buy or rent? Now, I’m an Aussie and our housing situation is very different from say the US or Europe. But many of these realities are true the world over. So, should you buy or rent? Let me lay down my cards on the…
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How to make a will: Top 5 Tips

Making a will can often seem like a complex and daunting task. However, with the support of an experienced estate lawyer to guide you through this process, you can be assured that your family will be protected in the event of your passing and that your will reflects your final intentions for the distribution of your…
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One in Two Aussies Die Without a Will

Independent Financial Planner magazine reports that the Estate Planning process is essential for the transition of wealth to the next generation. It is not a “sexy” part of the financial planning process but it is essential. The advent of split families make it an even more problematic area and as the population “ages”, or more…
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Dangers of Do It Yourself Wills

The legal profession love DIY Wills and power of attorney kits because they are the gift that just keep giving, in legal fees that is. At Shartru Wealth Management we know this to be fact, because we have had to walk with our clients through the minefield that is, poorly considered and constructed estate planning. Its expensive…
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