Aussie shopper’s secret behind huge $90 grocery haul: ‘So much cheaper’

A savvy Aussie shopper has revealed a simple secret that could help Australians make ends meet amid the cost-of-living crisis that is putting immense pressure on household budgets across the country.

In a post shared to Reddit, the thrifty Sydneysider presented a picture that clashes with what most $90 grocery buys look like today: large containers of fresh fruit and vegetables that would have easily cost hundreds of dollars at an average Australian supermarket such as WoolworthsColes, and even Aldi.

“We’ve seen a few supermarket shops where $90 gets you a loaf of bread and Tim Tams. Here is the other side of it,” the Reddit user wrote sarcastically alongside a photo of his purchase from Sydney’s Flemington Markets.


‘Cheapest option by far’

The man advised others looking to get more value out of their weekly shop to avoid big chain stores and visit a growers market, where farmers sell their own fresh produce grown in the local area, or a produce market where wholesalers must compete for costumers by charging the lowest possible prices. Flemington Markets combines the two.

“The markets are still the cheapest option by far. A bit chaotic out there, but fun for a change and so much cheaper,” he claimed.

Pictured in the man’s haul are boxes of tomatoes, broccoli, pink lady apples and pears, bags of potatoes and grapes, punnets of strawberries, onions, a large pumpkin, corn and bananas. He added that he also bought some sweet potatoes, garlic and beans.

Here’s a cost breakdown of the shop:

  • 6 bananas – $2
  • Box of pink lady apples – $12
  • Box of brocolli (10 heads) – $5
  • Corn – $2
  • 3 bags of grapes – $10
  • 4kg of onions – $5
  • Box of pears – $10
  • 2 bags of potatoes – $3 and $7
  • Whole pumpkin – $5
  • 4 punnets of strawberries – $10
  • Box of tomatoes – $10

“May have gone slightly overboard, but that’s what $10/box prices do to me,” the Redditor shared, before revealing the haul wasn’t just for his own family.

“Buying by the box works out the cheapest by far. These quantities are too big for us, so will be splitting this up with friends and family.”

Groceries bought at a Woolworths shop.
In contrast to the market shopper’s haul, this rather meagre shop cost a Woolworths customer $78.80 earlier this year. (Source: Reddit)

More money-saving market tips

The Reddit post, which has been upvoted more than 700 times, comes as Facebook and TikTok are increasingly filled with stories of exorbitant price tags attached to a basic supermarket shop.

As a growing number of Aussies say they’re finding it difficult to prepare meals for their family due to skyrocketing grocery prices, other members of the Reddit community took the opportunity to share their own tips on saving money when doing a weekly shop at fresh produce markets.

“The later in the day you come, the cheaper everything is going to be. The quality is also going to be lower as a result so mileage may vary,” one member advised.

“Trolleys cost money. Bring your own if you can,” one Redditor suggested. “A lot of people use homemade solutions (cardboard box on a hand trolley). If you’re worried you bought too much, try asking other shoppers if they want to split the box. The vendors have a ton of spare boxes so don’t fret asking for one.”

“Another reason to buy from markets is that most fruit and veg bought from the markets taste much better and last so much longer. Generally only need to restock every three-four weeks,” another shopper recommended.

“You get different quality for different prices but by going to markets, you’re supporting farmers and local producers. Try and get things from the grower, they can tell you when it was picked and best storage,” someone else added.

“If you get there super early, the quality is amazing and prices are still reasonable.”


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