Aussies warned of LinkedIn job offers: ‘Employers don’t need that’

Services Australia warned Aussies about the new sophisticated scam.

Scammers have taken things to the next level, now pretending to be legitimate employers on LinkedIn.

Once the potential victim is told they have been successful, the scammers then ask for their myGov sign-in details to finalise the job application.

“Scammers contact you by text message, email, phone call or live chat. They ask you to respond with your myGov sign-in details,” Services Australia said.

“They may also ask you to click a link to register your details. Do not respond to these messages. Employers don’t need your myGov sign-in details.”

Aussies who have been targeted by this scam have been told to call the Services Australia scams and identity theft helpdesk on 1800 941 126, if they have opened a link in a suspicious text message, email or social media message or given out their myGov sign in details, or other personal information.

myGov scams doing the rounds

Aussies have also been told to stay on alert for a new myGov scam text message making the rounds.

Scammers are sending text messages and emails asking Aussies to update their details to get a government subsidy.

“The message includes a link to a fake myGov website. This message is not real. They use this fake myGov website to steal your personal information and myGov sign-in details,” Services Australia said.

“We won’t ask you to click on links in a text or email.”

The most recent federal budget provided $10 million over four years to establish a new SMS sender ID registry.

The registry will act as a blocking list and help stop scammers from impersonating major brands and government agencies such as Linkt, myGov, Australia Post or your bank.


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