Items that are now cheaper despite inflation

Aussies have shared the grocery and other items that have gone down in price, despite inflation.

From groceries to electricity to petrol, it seems everything is getting more and more expensive these days. But there are some items that appear to be bucking the trend.

Aussies have taken to the popular AusFinance subreddit to share the items they have noticed go down in price, despite inflation.

Many users noted items that had skyrocketed in demand during the COVID-19 pandemic had now come down in price.

“Hand sanitiser, masks, RAT tests,” one user commented.

“The COVID tax seems to have dropped off classic cars and “project cars” quite rapidly,” another said.

“After looking extensively during COVID and having a quick glance on Gumtree yesterday. Apparently Puppies!!! About half the price they were a year and a half ago,” a third person wrote.

“Yes absolutely this, spoke to a handyman who breeds labradors and he has discounted the latest puppies to $500. Said 12 months ago he’d get $2k for a puppy,” another added.

Groceries are one of the major causes of stress for many Aussies right now, but there are certain items Aussies have noticed getting cheaper.

“Avocados. It’s how I was able to buy a house,” someone joked.

“We are just over 12 months past when lettuce on the East Coast cost $10 and, here in Perth, $6-odd. Iceberg are back to a few bucks at Woolworths and $2 at Aldi… Gotta take the wins where you can get them,” another said.

“In the last few weeks, strawberries,” a third person said.

Other Aussies took a more dire response to the question, with one saying “real wages” had gone down and another saying “tax returns”.

Inflation eases

The annual rate of inflation is currently 6 per cent, down from 7.8 per cent in December. The biggest contributors to inflation over the year were new dwellings (up 7.8 per cent), rents (up 6.7 per cent) and domestic travel and accommodation (up 13.9 per cent).

Prices for most goods continued to be higher than they were 12 months ago, the latest inflation data found, albeit with smaller annual increases for goods including food, furniture, household appliances and clothing.

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