NAB issues alert for 8.5 million customers

NAB has issued a warning about a new text message scam that impersonates the major bank and tries to steal customers’ money.

The text messages appear to come from NAB’s phone numbers and can even appear in the same thread as legitimate messages from the bank. The scammer is using a ‘spoofing’ technique that copies NAB’s information.

In the message, the scammer claims a payment has been paused from the customer’s account and asks them to call a number if they don’t recognise the transaction.

If you call the number, the scammer will claim there is an issue with your account and your money needs to be transferred to a new account to “keep it safe”.

“If you receive this message, don’t call the number provided or provide any info,” NAB said.

“NAB will never ask you to transfer money to another account.”

NAB scam text.
NAB has told customers to not call the number or provide any information. (Source: NAB)

NAB has warned customers to not transfer their money to another account. If you do, it can be harder to recover your money because the payment is seen as “authorised” by you.

Customers have also been receiving messages that claim a “new device has been registered for mobile banking”. It then asks the customer to call a number if the customer did not register a new device. NAB confirmed this message was also a scam.

NAB has told impacted customers to contact their local branch or to call NAB’s publicly listed number.

The major bank said this was not a sign its systems had been breached in any way. According to NAB, it has 50 million attacks on its digital channels each month.

A number of banks are currently being targeted by scammers. Earlier this week, Bankwest warned customers about a new scam text that knows the last four digits of their credit card number. The scammers are also using spoofing to impersonate the bank.


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