NAB issues warning to Aussies: ‘Do not click’

Cyber criminals are impersonating NAB and tricking users into losing control of their computers, phones and other devices.

The major bank issued a warning to customers and said it was aware of a number of fake websites impersonating the bank.

The fake websites, which use similar layouts and branding to the bank’s legitimate website, try to trick customers into downloading a “Business Portal” or opening a live chat. But these links actually download a remote-access tool.

“Once the remote-access tool is downloaded, criminals can take control of the person’s computer or mobile device and use it to steal bank logins, install malware or spyware, access emails, check files and use the information to steal your identity,” NAB said.

NAB said it would never ask customers to download programs directly from its site and would always direct them to the appropriate download source.

“Do not click anything on this page and close the window immediately,” NAB advised.

The bank urged anyone who believed their account information had been compromised to contact it on 13 22 65 or visit their local branch immediately.

NAB scam website.
NAB shared this example of a fake website. (Source: NAB)

Scam losses

The latest Targeting Scams report from the Australian Competition and Consumer Commission’s (ACCC) Scamwatch revealed Aussies lost a record $3.1 billion to scams in 2022.

This was an 80 per cent increase on total losses recorded in 2021.

Investment scams were the highest loss category ($1.5 billion), followed by remote-access scams ($229 million) and payment-redirection scams ($224 million).

“Australians lost more money to scams than ever before in 2022, but the true cost of scams is much more than a dollar figure as they also cause emotional distress to victims, their families and businesses,” ACCC deputy chair Catriona Lowe said.

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