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Economic death for Aussie jobs if Google pulls Search

‘Economic death’ for Aussie jobs if Google pulls Search

Coffee shops, restaurants, hair salons, holiday homes and caravan parks will be among the hardest-hit businesses if Google makes good on its threat to pull its Search function from Australia. These small- and medium-sized businesses rely heavily on its digital presence and the business’ ability to be found through web search, meaning Google Search’s withdrawal…
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Underwriting guidelines Pursuits pastimes

Underwriting guidelines Pursuits & pastimes

According to the World Health Organisation, physical activity is any bodily movement produced by skeletal muscles that requires energy expenditure. Examples of this can include activities such as sporting and leisure (e.g. swimming), incidental (e.g. at work), and muscle-strengthening (e.g. resistance-band training). Recent Australian Institute of Health and Welfare data* states that 55% of adults don’t…
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Legislative update Taxation social security

Legislative update Taxation & social security

As we approach the 2020 festive season and begin to turn our eyes to some well-earned R&R, it’s important to highlight that a number of key Bills recently passed through the parliamentary process and became Acts. And, while many of these Bills relate to proposed measures announced on 6 October 2020 in the 2020-21 Federal Budget, there are…
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Bitcoin price hits record high amid Elon Musks US 1 5bn crypto move

Bitcoin price hits record high amid Elon Musk’s US $1.5bn crypto move

Bitcoin’s price (BTC) hit a new record high after electric vehicle maker Tesla announced it had purchased US $1.5 billion (AU $1.95 billion) of the digital currency and that it would start accepting it as payment in the future. The move sent the popular cryptocurrency to a new high, breaching US $44,000 on Monday, a spike…
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Retirement Income Review report Key findings

Retirement Income Review report: Key findings

Article from:   In our article, ‘Australia’s three-pillar retirement income system’, we discussed in detail Australia’s retirement income system—a three-pillar approach, which has been pursued by the Government for the last few decades. Despite changes over the years to each of these pillars (some more than others), their core aims remain intact. Essentially, the…
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Warning 5 WFH ‘demons and how to avoid them

Warning: 5 WFH ‘demons’ and how to avoid them

For several months now, millions of people around the world settled into their work-from-home routines – but health professionals are now warning of dangers of staying at home. According to Alisha Moopen, Young Global Leader at World Economic Forum and executive director at multi-national healthcare conglomerate Aster DM Healthcare, there are five physical and mental…
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Jobs 2021 12 non tech jobs that will boom in the future of work

Jobs 2021: 12 non-tech jobs that will boom in the future of work

When it comes to the future of work, it’s not all about tech related skills and experience. Far from it. We’ll be in serious trouble if those graduating from school or seeking to make some kind of career change right now all only go into tech roles like software development. The planet is not made up of…
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Draining your bank 3 million Aussies losing 740 per year

‘Draining your bank’: 3 million Aussies losing $740 per year

Many of us may have added health-related goals to our new year’s resolutions, but it could actually be costing us instead of helping us, new data has shown. Around 6.2 million Australians have a gym membership, but just 50 per cent of them (3.1 million) are actually attending more than once a week, Finder data…
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Jobs 2021 4 secrets to growing wealth through your career

Jobs 2021: 4 secrets to growing wealth through your career

A career is more than just any one job. It’s the sum of your experience, network and training, along with your ambitions for the years ahead. And a career – more so than any one job – is the key opportunity most of us have to create wealth. But thinking about a career as wealth-building…
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