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Fixed rates under 2 to be ‘gone in 6 months expert predicts

Fixed rates under 2% to be ‘gone in 6 months’, expert predicts

The lowest fixed home loan rate on record was hiked yesterday, ending an era for ultra-low fixed rates. Greater Bank lifted its 1-year rate from 1.59 per cent to 1.89 per cent for owner-occupiers paying principal and interest. The new lowest fixed rate in the market is now 1.79 per cent, which is available from…
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Want to quit your job Its an epidemic in the pandemic

Want to quit your job? It’s an epidemic in the pandemic

It’s almost an epidemic in the pandemic, that feeling of ‘meh’. Nearly two years into the new coronavirus world, much has been written about just how under-whelmed, unenthusiastic and unsatisfied we are with our lives. In droves, we are quitting marriages (my guess is the stats when they come out will make for shocking reading),…
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Inheritances reduce inequality between Australias rich and poor

Inheritances ‘reduce inequality’ between Australia’s rich and poor

Inheritances may be tightening the gap between Australia’s rich and poor, new research reveals, contradicting longstanding beliefs that receiving a windfall from a forebear simply perpetuates inequality. The Productivity Commission published its first report on inheritance on Tuesday, revealing that the amount of wealth transferred – including cash and property – since 2002 had more…
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366 000 jobs added as Australia navigates major skills shortage

366,000 jobs added as Australia navigates major skills shortage

Australia added 366,000 jobs in November 2021, according to figures released today by the Australian Bureau of Statistics (ABS). The unemployment rate fell by 0.6 percentage points to 4.6 per cent in November, reversing a similar-sized increase in October. “The latest data shows the extent of recovery between early October and early November in jurisdictions…
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Planning a post lockdown reno Heres what you need to know

Planning a post lockdown reno? Here’s what you need to know

Bored of your four walls? You are not alone. Since the start of the pandemic many of us are spending more time in our homes than ever before, and with more people now working from home, it’s understandable that people are seeking to change how their house functions and reconsider the role their homes play in…
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ATO 1 in 3 companies paid 0 tax last year

ATO: 1 in 3 companies paid $0 tax last year

One-third of companies paid no tax to the Australian Taxation Office (ATO) in the 2019-20 financial year, new transparency data released on Friday shows. The ATO’s annual Corporate Tax Transparency Report found 782 of 2,370 large Australian companies claimed losses, or credits for previous losses, that wiped out their 2019-20 tax bill. Some 371 companies…
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Revealed How much the average Aussie investor made in 2021

Revealed: How much the average Aussie investor made in 2021

Australian investors saw a $5,356 return on their investments in 2021, according to new analysis of the average Australian portfolio. Three-quarters of investors saw a positive return over the last 12 months, the Finder analysis found, with the average investor’s portfolio now $31,613. Another 15 per cent saw no change and 10 per cent experienced a…
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REVEALED 10 most popular stocks of 2021

REVEALED: 10 most popular stocks of 2021

Australians jumped into the stock markets and crypto trading in a big way this year, with a massive increase in at-home investor numbers, largely thanks to COVID lockdowns. And now, share and trading platform Superhero has released its Year in Trades report, uncovering the most-traded assets in 2021. It includes both Australian and US companies…
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