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The real jobless rate The 7 million Aussies not looking for work

The real jobless rate: The 7 million Aussies not looking for work

There are around 7 million Australians of working age that don’t have a job, and are not looking to enter the workforce. Yet, our unemployment rate is down to 4 per cent and experts predict this will keep falling. How does this make sense? Here’s a breakdown.   Unemployment rate The unemployment rate is calculated by counting those who…
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ATO warns taxpayers being threatened for fake debts

ATO warns taxpayers being threatened for fake debts

The Australian Taxation Office (ATO) has urged taxpayers to be “vigilant” following an increase in reports of fake websites offering tax file numbers (TFNs) and Australian business numbers (ABNs) for a fee. The fake TFN and ABN services are often advertised on social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. Instead of providing a TFN or ABN,…
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How to claim COVID expenses on your tax RATs PCRs quarantine

How to claim COVID expenses on your tax: RATs, PCRs, quarantine

With RAT and PCR tests expensive, it’s a small relief to know that many of the most commonly incurred expenses related to COVID-19 can be tax deductible. Here’s H&R Block’s guide to which COVID-related expenses you can claim:   Rapid Antigen Tests (RATs) The Government announced it was making COVID-19 tests tax-deductible for Australian individuals when they were purchased…
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An extraordinary time Inflation poised to hit 32 year high

‘An extraordinary time’: Inflation poised to hit 32-year high

Petrol hitting $2 a litre is but a relatively small part of the inflation explosion being witnessed in Australia and around the world. Sure, the petrol price surge is hitting the hip pocket of motorists, but the impact on transport companies, airlines and many manufacturers will show up when they inevitably pass on their highest…
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Paying dividends Aussies to share in 36 billion

Paying dividends: Aussies to share in $36 billion

If you’ve ever thought about investing but haven’t taken the leap just yet, this may be your sign to do so. Aussie companies will be paying out more than $36 billion in dividends in the coming weeks after a positive reporting season. Since late January, listed companies have been paying out dividends to shareholders. In fact, around…
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Cost of living bites Aussie workers living off 17 a week

Cost of living bites: Aussie workers living off $17 a week

The cost of living is taking its toll on millions of Australians, with prices rising for everything from petrol to groceries. But for some, the impact is even greater, with new research from the Australian Aged Care Collaboration (AACC) showing aged care workers are really feeling the bite. The analysis found that, after expenses, a single…
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90 of taxpayers could pay more this year

90% of taxpayers could pay more this year

Ninety per cent of taxpayers face a tax hike this year as the fate of the low- and middle-income tax offset hangs in the balance. The SMH revealed on Monday that the Federal Government was mulling over the future of the offset that saw many taxpayers score a $1,080 bonus from the tax office last year. The…
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Why advertise a job without a salary

Why advertise a job without a salary?

Employers are increasingly omitting salary details from job ads and, as a result, may be missing out on the best applicants, according to a recent survey by leading global hiring platform Indeed. With the current unemployment rate of 4.2 per cent creating a shortage of available workers in many industries, Australian businesses are scrambling to attract the skills…
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Driving Uber Make sure you know your tax liabilities

Driving Uber? Make sure you know your tax liabilities

Thousands of people have taken to driving for Uber or other similar ride-share services, some of them simply to top-up their current income and some of them seeking a new living as they deal with the after-effects of COVID-19 on their old jobs. If you’re an Uber driver, there are numerous tax obligations (and opportunities)…
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