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The 100 000 reason you should become smarter with your money

The $100,000 reason you should become smarter with your money

In the past I’ve advised anyone who wants to be their own financial adviser to treat themselves like they’re a business. Imagine you ran a business. What questions would you be asking to make sure you made profit and avoided going broke? These are good questions to ask of yourself, if you’d personally prefer to…
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Online shopping is surging This is eCommerces next challenge

Online shopping is surging: This is eCommerce’s next challenge

The post-Covid boom in e-commerce has already thrown up its fair share of ASX winners. But looking ahead, tech expert Tim Knapton reckons there is still plenty of underdeveloped growth areas that will move to the forefront as the sector matures. For example, as CEO of TechVoyage (an advisory firm connecting tech businesses with sophisticated investors), Knapton…
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Shartru Wealth has been named as a finalist in the ifa Excellence Awards Awards for Dealer Group of the Year

The ifa Excellence Awards showcases the industry’s most prestigious accolades recognising excellence across the entire independent financial services industry. The awards pinpoint professional development and innovation, showcasing both the individuals and firms which are leading the way in the industry. Award recipients represent a true cross-section of the ifa industry, recognising the contributions of the…
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Bold shift in direction’ How young people will get jobs in 2025

‘Bold shift in direction’: How young people will get jobs in 2025

The national education system will need to undergo a “bold shift in direction” if high school graduates are to be job-ready for a post-pandemic world, a new review has found. The ATAR model is no longer enough to equip students with the skills they need, and teachers are frustrated by the way it narrows the…
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The industry begging for workers amid Covid 19

The industry begging for workers amid Covid-19

Businesses needing essential workers are still hiring in droves, despite the second Covid-19 wave impacting the Australian economy, new LinkedIn data has revealed. Transport and logistics jobs are up nearly 100 per cent on this time last year, and jobs in health care are up 68 per cent. Public administration jobs are up just under…
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Covid 19 has worsened inequality So why are shares higher than ever

Covid-19 has worsened inequality. So why are shares higher than ever?

The coronavirus crisis will exacerbate wealth and income inequality, and this will have consequences for investment returns, economists have warned. In a note, Oxford Economics economist John Payne said the pandemic tended to worsen the wealth divide over the medium- and long-term, as debt rises for lower earners while the wealthy see their savings increase.…
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32 year old woman becomes youngest ASX200 independent director 1

32-year-old woman becomes youngest ASX200 independent director

Bridget Loudon has smashed the age record on the ASX 200 for a non-executive director by years, becoming an example of a company seeking something different from an independent board director. According to reports by the AFR and Forbes, Loudon is 32 years old. But it’s not just age; it’s a different kind of experience…
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Who is Australia’s highest paid CEO

Who is Australia’s highest-paid CEO?

It’s not Qantas boss Alan Joyce, nor is it Domino’s chief Don Meij. Australia’s highest-paid CEO is an individual who isn’t a household name – and neither is his business. Andrew Barkla, the boss of IDP Education, took home more pay than any other chief executive in Australia last year, raking in a stunning salary of…
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Robots are not coming Hidden reason threatening more than 200k jobs

‘Robots are not coming’: Hidden reason threatening more than 200k jobs

Australia’s economic recovery is being held back by the long-term lack of investment in technology and innovation, a new report has revealed. Contrary to fears that the ‘robots are coming’ for Australian jobs, innovation has been declining for years – and this is partly to blame for the lack of new, high-paying jobs, Australia Institute…
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