The 20 jobs businesses desperately need to fill right now

The Covid-19 pandemic has seen hundreds of thousands of jobs lost – but in some sectors, employers aren’t able to fill positions fast enough.

Healthcare workers continue to experience high demand, with all types of nurses at the top of Australia’s list of most-needed workers, according to new data from jobs platform Seek.

Aged and disability support also feature high on the list, as well as physiotherapists and rehabilitation specialists.

Demand for psychologists, counsellors, social workers and child/youth welfare workers has also risen since February.

According to NAB global head of research Ivan Colhoun, the pressure on healthcare workers – who are at the frontlines of the pandemic – has been immense, further driving up demand.

“Some frontline workers in hospitals and aged care may also be dropping out of the industry because of the strain,” he said. “This will be adding to the demand for health workers.”

The boom in online shopping has also increased the need for warehouse, storage and distribution workers as well as road transport workers.

“There was more online activity with many stores having to close their doors and increase their e-commerce focus,” said Colhoun.

“That has a flow-on effect for logistics as well, as more people are needed for warehousing and then for home delivery.”

Other in-demand workers include automotive tradespeople, administrative assistants, sales representatives, childcare workers, chefs or cooks, retail assistants, developers and programmers, dentists, machine operators, business analysts and miners.

Here’s the full list:

September 2020: Australia's most-needed workers, according to Seek data
(Source: Seek)
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