The three LinkedIn courses everyone is learning right now

The global pandemic has seen a surge in online learning as people search for ways to up-skill and stay competitive in the job market once the crisis passes – and it looks like Aussies are wanting to know what the secrets to success are.

New data from LinkedIn Learning reveals that the most-viewed course during the Covid-19 isolation period (January and February figures compared with March and April) was ‘The Six Morning Habits of High Performers’.

This course jumped 442 per cent in views, followed by ‘writing a resume’, which saw a 292 per cent increase in views.

Australians were also looking to brush up on their hard skills as well, with a 155 per cent rise in a course explaining Excel tips and tricks.

LinkedIn Learning Asia Pacific senior director Jason Laufer said Australians were looking at content 57 per cent more since the shutdown period began in mid-March.

“Learning new skills, being more productive and wellness has been of increasing importance to Australian professionals throughout lockdown,” Laufer said.

“Throughout lockdown courses on upskilling and preparing for new working environments have been particularly popular, as well as courses on mindfulness.”

Australians are also looking to take care of their mental and emotional wellbeing, with a 133 per cent spike in views in the Managing Stress for Positive Change course.

‘Building Resilience’ also saw a 98 per cent rise in views, and Mindfulness Practices saw a 30 per cent increase.

Australians on all levels of the corporate hierarchy are interested in skilling up, with new first-time managers spending 75 per cent more time looking at courses, and c-suite executives spending more than doubling (106 per cent) the time they spend viewing content on LinkedIn Learning.

“This reflects the fact that many Australians are keen to exit lockdown in a better stead to continue progressing their careers. Others, particularly those working from home, are interested in focusing on mindfulness and wellbeing while separated from their colleagues, and coping with unprecedented situations.”

Last month, LinkedIn revealed that their most popular course between February and March was a learning ‘path’ on remote work, which saw an eye-watering 10,925 per cent rise in popularity.

The path encompasses several topics for workers transitioning to a work-from-home model for the first time, including tips for working remotely, time management and productivity tips, developing resourcefulness and distance, and how to exude ‘executive presence’ during video conferencing calls.

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