Warning over ‘payslip’ email: ‘Delete it immediately’

There’s a new scam doing the rounds and this time it’s targeting Aussie workers.

MailGuard is warning Aussies about a DocuSign email scam that is tricking workers into opening what they believe is a company payslip.

Scammers are going as far as including company names and fake company email addresses.

“The attacker heavily uses the victim’s business name, which is a common tactic to feign authenticity,” MailGuard said.

“The attacker has also made it appear as though the email has been sent from an account at the recipient’s company, adding further plausibility to this being a genuine alert.”

The scam email has the subject line: “Reminder: Please DocuSign [Company Name] Payslips/Payroll – February 2023” and uses the email account “[Company Name] Docs”.


MailGuard DocuSign scam
MailGuard shared this image of the email scam. (Source: MailGuard) 

According to MailGuard, the email looks similar to a genuine DocuSign alert and uses the same logo and disclaimer.

The recipient is asked to click a button to “review and sign” the documents. But after clicking the link, the worker is taken to the phishing site that copies the Microsoft Office 365 login page and is redirected to enter their password, which won’t work.

“It’s a simple, yet effective, phishing attack,” MailGuard said.

“After a few attempts at entering their password, the employee may exit the tab in frustration with a plan to try again later, putting it out of their mind. In this time, the hacker may be logging onto their account and accessing sensitive emails and files, or communicating with other employees, clients, or suppliers in business email compromise attacks.”

If you receive this email, MailGuard said to “delete it immediately” and to not click on any links.

Aussies have been inundated with scams in recent years. Last year, Aussies lost more than $24.6 million to phishing scams, with more than 74,500 people reporting the scams.


article from: au.finance.yahoo.com