Woolworths offering $100 Christmas spread, price drops

The supermarket will offer customers budget Christmas menus and price drops in the lead-up to the festive season.

Woolworths has announced its budget-friendly options for shoppers this Christmas, as Aussies battle rising grocery and living costs.

The supermarket giant will be offering Christmas meal ideas, which it says can feed a family of eight for less than $100.

The menus will be released on Woolworths’ app and website from November 8 and will include items like hams, chickens, desserts and cheese.

It comes as the supermarket drops the prices on more than 150 Christmas staples from today until December 27, including pavlova, prawns, roast pork and leg ham, as well as pantry staples.

Overall, Woolworths calculated that a family could save $214 across the basket of Christmas products, or an average saving of 17 per cent.

Woolworths and rival Coles have both dropped the prices of their Christmas hams to $8 per kilogram, which Woolworths said was its lowest price in nine years.


How do Woolworths’ prices compare?

To help you stretch your budget further, Yahoo Finance has compared the prices of five popular Woolworths Christmas products against Coles. Prices are current at the time of writing and take into account current specials.

Roast pork loin

  • Woolworths: $12 per kilo
  • Coles: $12 per kilo

Cheapest: Tie

Pavlova base

  • Woolworths: $6 each
  • Coles: $6 each

Cheapest: Tie

Australian Karumba Banana Prawns

  • Woolworths: $20 per kilo
  • Coles: $14 per kilo

Cheapest: Coles

Bundaberg Sparkling

  • Woolworths: $5.15 for 4 pack
  • Coles: $5.95 for 4 pack

Cheapest: Woolworths

Smiths Crinkle Cut Chips 380g

  • Woolworths: $6
  • Coles: $6

Cheapest: Tie

Ways to save this Christmas

Aussies are planning to fork out an average of $249 each on food this Christmas, according to research by Finder. This is one of the biggest expenses of the festive season, behind only flights and travel ($533 each) and presents ($373 each).

With Christmas only eight weeks away, Finder money expert Sarah Megginson is encouraging Aussies to start budgeting and planning ahead now.

“You can still celebrate and enjoy the festive season without going into debt or putting yourself under financial pressure,” Megginson said.

“Consider chatting to family members and setting small budgets or adapting your traditions slightly – such as doing Secret Santa with the adults or only buying for kids, or all contributing to a potluck dinner so one person doesn’t foot the entire budget of a Christmas feast.”


article from: au.finance.yahoo.com