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The power of compounding

Investors’ decisions – both conscious and subconscious – have an important bearing on their long-term wealth. In this paper, we examine the power of compounding.  Compounding isn’t a new concept – many of us will remember studying it back in our school days. Legendary scientist Albert Einstein famously called it ‘the most powerful force in…
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Helpful Hints for Successfully Selecting Stocks

Although many people are content to confine their investing to funds—both open-end mutual and exchange-traded—there are many others intent on working their way through the mountain of publicly available information to zero in on investments that may be worth adding to their portfolios. There’s more than enough out there to form sensible conclusions about what’s of interest and what’s not.…
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How to Invest When You’re Deep in Debt

It’s natural that if you have some money saved or invested, you want to see it grow over time. There are many factors that can prevent this from happening, but for many people, one of the biggest obstacles is debt. If you have a sizable amount of debt to deal with – be it a mortgage, line…
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Investor lending dips to two-year low as property market slows

New lending to property investors has fallen to its lowest level in over two years, as banks run the ruler over prospective borrowers more carefully and house prices fall in Australia’s two biggest cities. Official figures on Tuesday showed the value of new loan approvals to investors was at its lowest since the start of…
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ETFs: sorting fact from fiction (Part 1)

There’s no doubt exchange traded funds (ETFs) are shaking up the wealth industry across the world, including Australia, and, as such have naturally attracted their fair share of friends and detractors in the process.  As a relatively new product in Australia, it’s also understandable that many investors are still learning to sort through the many…
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How fixed interest markets work

Bonds operate like an IOU, whereby you lend your money to the issuer for a set period of time, in return for interest paid over the term of your investment. Your investment, or capital, is then paid back to you in full at the end of the investment term. Fixed interest securities can be traded…
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Shares and the Market

When you invest in shares you are buying a piece of a company and by doing so you are aligning your interests with the company’s future growth and earnings potential. In effect, you could take part in the success of companies like Telstra, Westpac and BHP and actively participate in the economy. Share investments offer two different…
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The Origins of Bond Markets

Money plays the most important role in our lives. It has performed a terrifyingly dominant role in carving the fates of kingdoms, families, dynasties and now countries. From ancient Mesopotamia to the modern banks on Wall street, the ascent of money has been an indispensable part in the ascent of man. From the fluctuating prices…
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Shartru Wealth Management launch Managed Discretionary Accounts (MDA)

Shartru Wealth Management – Managed Discretionary Accounts IFA Magazine’s Scott Hodder reports that Shartru Wealth Management has launched a MDA service Tuesday, 03 November 2015 Self-licensed advice firm Shartru Wealth Management is set to launch its own Managed Discretionary Accounts (MDA) service while also looking to bolster its advice network. Speaking to ifa, Shartru Wealth…
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