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Profession or Craftsman By Rob Coyte CEO of the Shartru Group

Profession or Craftsman? By Rob Coyte CEO of the Shartru Group

One of the most common complaints about Canberra politicians is they seem to spend too much time talking about themselves rather than getting on with actually doing good for society. In a lot of ways, the financial advice industry suffers from the same affliction. I find the conversation around the financial advice industry becoming a…
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Microinvesting Is it worth it

Micro-investing: Is it worth it?

For share market novices, micro-investing apps like Raiz and Spaceship Voyager are great for making your first foray into the investing world, without any of the complexity attached to it. Arguably the most well-known micro-investing app, Raiz (formerly Acorns), rounds up your purchases to the nearest dollar and invests those tiny amounts for you into…
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Super review checklist Your annual super statement

Super review checklist: Your annual super statement

Whilst the recent implementation of the ‘Protecting Your Super Package’ has received a somewhat mixed reception, it has provided some people with a much-needed prompt to review their super details. Another opportunity to do so occurs with the release of annual super statements. As a super fund member, you will be receiving your annual statement soon,…
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Australias in recession Now what Experts on 7 things to fix the economy

Australia’s in recession: Now what? Experts on 7 things to fix the economy

It’s been confirmed: Australia’s in a recession. Getting the economy back on track will be a long, tough road, and won’t be straightforward either as debate rages over how workers will be supported after JobSeeker and JobKeeper taper off in September. The government has brought out a fourth economic stimulus package, the $688 HomeBuilder scheme, but it…
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Invalid wills passing away intestate and intestacy rules

Invalid wills, passing away intestate, and intestacy rules

When it comes to estate planning, approximately 45% of Australians* pass away intestate. When this occurs, the estate is distributed in accordance with the intestacy rules of our relevant state or territory. Passing away intestate may happen not only where we fail to make a will, but also when: 1. The will did not properly dispose…
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5 essential rules for post coronavirus investors

5 essential rules for post-coronavirus investors

Six months ago, some of the younger teams in my office asked if they should start investing in the stock market. My answer was that they could start small and learn how to buy and sell stocks but the best time for them to start might be after a stock market crash! I said to…
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