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3 things financial professionals wont tell you

3 things financial professionals won’t tell you

Have you ever considered hiring a professional to help you with your finances? Maybe you’re not sure what to expect and secretly you’re worried you’ll get ripped off. The whole world of financial professionals seems complicated and a bit mysterious. Well, I have a bit of a unique insight into the world of financial professionals.…
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Age Pension entitlement Eligibility tests

Age Pension entitlement: Eligibility tests

When it comes to maintaining your financial wellbeing in retirement, it’s important to understand that as you enter this phase of your financial lifecycle a certain shift in economic resources often occurs. Namely, a shift from predominantly employment income* to income derived from a combination of your retirement savings (investments inside and outside of super) and any potential social security entitlements. *However,…
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Revealed How much the average Aussie investor made in 2021

Revealed: How much the average Aussie investor made in 2021

Australian investors saw a $5,356 return on their investments in 2021, according to new analysis of the average Australian portfolio. Three-quarters of investors saw a positive return over the last 12 months, the Finder analysis found, with the average investor’s portfolio now $31,613. Another 15 per cent saw no change and 10 per cent experienced a…
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41 of Aussies dont know this dangerous insurance risk

41% of Aussies don’t know this dangerous insurance risk

Imagine going to your insurer to make a claim after a car accident, only to find that you’re no longer insured. That’s exactly what happened to Ally Barker* when her abusive relationship ended. Although both she and her ex-partner were on the policy, he cancelled the car insurance without her knowledge. As with many domestic…
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Growing your super Government super contributions

Growing your super: Government super contributions

One of the risks retirees can face is the potential to run out of retirement savings by living longer than expected—commonly referred to as longevity risk. For many of us, super will form an integral part of our retirement savings. However, our ability to grow our super to a sufficient level during our working years can, at times,…
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REVEALED 10 most popular stocks of 2021

REVEALED: 10 most popular stocks of 2021

Australians jumped into the stock markets and crypto trading in a big way this year, with a massive increase in at-home investor numbers, largely thanks to COVID lockdowns. And now, share and trading platform Superhero has released its Year in Trades report, uncovering the most-traded assets in 2021. It includes both Australian and US companies…
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Lock it in How to make sure you get the best home loan rate

Lock it in: How to make sure you get the best home loan rate

You’ve shopped around, done your research into home loan providers and finally found the right home loan deal. As exciting as this may be, it can be turned on its head almost instantly if interest rates shift before the settlement of your property. The good news is that there is a solution. It’s called ‘rate locking’. Here’s a…
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Borrowers Home loan refinancing or switching

Borrowers: Home loan refinancing (or switching)

In our article, ‘Key home loan repayment considerations’, we discussed a proactive ongoing approach to paying off your home loan—considering it will most likely be the largest debt that you pay off in your lifetime. This can reduce the amount of interest you pay, and decrease the life of the loan. In turn, you can free…
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21 lessons from 2021 you dont want to forget Part 1

21 lessons from 2021 you don’t want to forget – Part 1

Each year brings its own set of wins, challenges and lessons to learn, and 2021 was certainly no exception. It’s been an extraordinary year, hasn’t it? Especially for our property markets, where home values grew by more than 25 per cent in most locations. Property values have not grown at that rate since 1950, when…
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