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The power of compounding

Investors’ decisions – both conscious and subconscious – have an important bearing on their long-term wealth. In this paper, we examine the power of compounding.  Compounding isn’t a new concept – many of us will remember studying it back in our school days. Legendary scientist Albert Einstein famously called it ‘the most powerful force in…
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Magnified Money

Super balances eroded for blue-collar workers

Joanna Mather from the Financial Review writes insurance premiums for blue-collar workers can wipe as much as $600,000 from their final retirement balance but white-collar workers fare much better, new research by Rice Warner shows. At the extreme end, a 21-year-old worker who falls into the “heavy manual” category and joins a fund that charges…
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Helpful Hints for Successfully Selecting Stocks

Although many people are content to confine their investing to funds—both open-end mutual and exchange-traded—there are many others intent on working their way through the mountain of publicly available information to zero in on investments that may be worth adding to their portfolios. There’s more than enough out there to form sensible conclusions about what’s of interest and what’s not.…
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Australians fear Chinese influence in real estate rather than politics

While Australian political leaders are growing more concerned about the security and military threat posed by China, new research shows the Australian people are more worried about the amount of farmland and real estate that Chinese citizens are buying in the country. The 14th annual Lowy Institute poll into Australian attitudes found 72 per cent…
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Locked Wallet

How to Invest When You’re Deep in Debt

It’s natural that if you have some money saved or invested, you want to see it grow over time. There are many factors that can prevent this from happening, but for many people, one of the biggest obstacles is debt. If you have a sizable amount of debt to deal with – be it a mortgage, line…
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man looking at his credit card and laptop

You Should Pay Off These Types of Debts First

There are few things as disheartening as finding yourself under a massive amount of debt. Unfortunately, that’s an experience many consumers have, whether it’s maxing out credit cards or financing a new home. So, if you have a few extra dollars in your bank account, you should use them to pay down your loans ahead of schedule,…
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Investor lending dips to two-year low as property market slows

New lending to property investors has fallen to its lowest level in over two years, as banks run the ruler over prospective borrowers more carefully and house prices fall in Australia’s two biggest cities. Official figures on Tuesday showed the value of new loan approvals to investors was at its lowest since the start of…
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women talk and hand money with friends

Should You Lend Money to Family or Friends?

Lending and borrowing money from a bank follows certain procedural guidelines that have evolved over centuries. Meanwhile, personal lending — that is making or taking loans with friends and family — has been going on for just as long, but firm guidelines haven’t developed because each situation is unique. There is, however, a way to make family loans safer and…
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woman carrying her child

Single parents can put themselves into a better financial position

Single parenting is tough – there’s no glossing over the fact. Even years on from the divorce or separation both men and especially women suffer financially. Men tend to earn more than women, on average, and most children live with their mothers with more expenses associated with being the main or only carer of the…
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