7 ways to make extra cash this weekend

The coronavirus crisis has been a catalyst for many Australians to seek out other ways of earning income – but it can be difficult to know where to start.

But personal finance blogger and stay-at-home mum Emma has shared a few tried and tested ways of making a bit more extra cash on the side whenever you want to.

And they’re methods that changed her life, she said.

“Using the tips below, plus some hardcore frugal living, I managed to not only pay that tax bill but get out of debt completely, boost my retirement savings and save enough to travel and buy a house from earning extra cash,” she wrote in a blog post.

If you’re not keen on leaving your house this weekend, these are her suggestions for the best ways to make cash online:

1. Get paid to take surveys

People will pay you for your opinion, and there are websites you can voluntarily sign up to where you’ll be remunerated for answering some questions.

Emma recommends joining Pureprofile, Opinion World, Toluna Influencers, Survey Junkie and Octopus Group.

2. Become a virtual assistant

If you’re a whiz at admin and you’ve had experience being an assistant, you can earn some solid money by being a virtual assistant. According to PayScale, the average hourly rate is around $30. Emma also has a guide to getting started as a virtual assistant.

3. Sign up to Swagbucks

Swagbucks is another online survey platform, but also gives you rewards like free gift cards just for doing your regular online browsing.

“You can earn points by watching videos and switching your search engine to their search,” Emma said. You’ll also get USD $5, just for signing up.

4. Be a social media manager

If you spend a lot of time on social media and know-how to make content take off, you might think about turning that skill into a service; nearly every established brand or organisation will need someone to handle their social media profiles for them. And if you wanted to brush up on your skills, there are courses available on online learning platforms, but many come at a one-off fee.

5. Become a transcriptionist

Just to be proficient in or a native speaker of English is a skill in and of itself, and it can earn you money. The best part is you can transcribe audio from anywhere so long as you have a laptop and internet, though you’ll have to get the hang of American English, said Emma.

You also will have to be a decent typist. Some sites to get started on are Rev, TranscribeMe, and GoTranscript. If you’re serious about becoming a transcriber, though, Transcribe Anywhere founder Janet Shaughnessy has some honest advice to give about what it takes to be a transcriptionist (for instance, you have to have a solid handle on grammar).

6. Download money-making apps

According to Emma, there are some phone apps that will make you some extra pocket money, though many do ask for you to participate in some kind of activity, like surveys, playing games, watching videos or completing a task. Some apps include survey platform Pureprofile; Nielsen Mobile; Nielsen Beauty Panel; IRi Shopper; and more.

7. Teach English online

Again, the fact that you speak English is a valuable skill that you can pass onto others if you like. There are many people overseas who are keen to learn the language from a native speaker, and the time difference between Australia and China – we are a few hours behind – also helps fit this into your workday schedule.

Bonus: Start a blog

Obviously, this is a long-term commitment that won’t earn you money immediately – but done properly, a blog can become something that earns you money through ads and ad space, affiliate links, referrals, sponsored posts and more.

Emma said her website began as a free WordPress site many years ago, but “has morphed into an online business that earns me over $7,500 per month”. But a word of warning: blogging isn’t easy.

Article from: au.finance.yahoo.com