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Single parents can put themselves into a better financial position

Single parenting is tough – there’s no glossing over the fact. Even years on from the divorce or separation both men and especially women suffer financially. Men tend to earn more than women, on average, and most children live with their mothers with more expenses associated with being the main or only carer of the…
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Top 50 tips to make the most of your money

AUSTRALIANS looking to make the 2018/19 financial year more prosperous than last year should start by holding on to what they’ve got. Here’s how. AUSTRALIANS looking to make the 2018/19 financial year more prosperous than any other year need to get cracking now. The Your Money team examined key areas of personal finance for Australians…
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Simple ways to save money | Shartru Wealth Management

Making small changes in your life can fatten your savings and help you budget better. Follow these tips to save more money. Change one habit and save Small changes can make a big difference to your bank balance. Change one thing you do regularly and you could save money. Some examples are: Give up drinking…
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“Saving more” families’ number one financial goal

One in four Australian families says money is a source of conflict at home, with the same portion saying they keep a financial secret from their partner, according to research by St George Bank. The survey, conducted with 1,500 parents across Australia, found that 40 per cent of those experiencing conflict because of money believed…
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Top 5 tips for financial planners

The Credit and Investments Ombudsman (CIO) deals with complaints about Australian financial services licensees and their representatives. By far, the most common complaints relate to inappropriate advice provided by a financial adviser. Whether you are new to the financial advice profession or a seasoned advisor, here are our top 5 tips for avoiding or responding…
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Dealing with unmanageable personal debt – settlements with creditors

This article follows on from our previous edition discussing the options available to individuals facing unmanageable personal debt (including personal guarantees for company debts). In this edition, we discuss Settlements / Compromising Debts. When an individual (Debtor) is unable to repay their debts in full and does not wish to be subject to bankruptcy, they…
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Too Much Debt?

With the Central Bank in the US starting to talk about increasing rates how does this change your current and future position? Excessive amounts of financial debt have become a common and often crippling issue for many people in recent years. Below are discussed some of major effects or consequences of having too much debt…
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All Remuneration Is Conflicted

There is no way that financial planning can be provided in a way in which the adviser’s remuneration is not conflicted. Conflicts are everywhere. Get on with it. Extra! Extra! Read all about it, all remuneration is conflicted. The adviser and the client are different people so they naturally have distinct interests and these will…
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