8 signs your Will may need an update

Can your super death benefit go to the wrong person?

If you were to pass away unexpectedly, you would probably want your super to go to the people you care about most. But without careful end-of-life planning, there’s a chance it could wind up in the hands of someone unintended. Doesn’t my Will have the final say? Superannuation isn’t generally considered an estate asset, so…
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Super re contribution strategy explained

6 questions to ask when you receive your super statement

For many people, there’s not much of interest beyond how well their super performed over the past 12 months. But there’s value in reading your statement in its entirety and asking yourself the following key questions. Are all your details correct? One of the first things you should do when you receive your annual statement…
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What are unlisted assets and do they belong in your super

What are unlisted assets and do they belong in your super?

Super funds will invest in different types of assets to grow their members’ retirement savings, and unlisted assets can be an important part of their investment strategy. But how do these differ from other assets in your portfolio? And what can you expect when it comes to risk and return? The difference between listed and unlisted assets…
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The super decision that could cost Aussies $120 000 in retirement

The super decision that could cost Aussies $120,000 in retirement

Back in 2020, government and industry mobilised to support households and businesses to keep the COVID pandemic from wrecking the Australian economy. Lifelines came in the form of the JobKeeper Payment, eviction moratoriums, and rock-bottom interest rates —  just to name a few. But one measure in particular has arguably left some Australians worse off…
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5 things to check on with insurance through super

5 things to check on with insurance through super

For many people, reviewing an insurance policy is right up there with tax returns or visits to the dentist. It’s not the most palatable task, but it’s an important one that needs to be done every so often. If you hold insurance through your super fund, it can be easy to forget about, as your…
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Superannuation conditions of release

Major $50,000 superannuation boost for Aussies

The Labor government announced changes to how super is paid and how it is taxed. Aussie workers will see a major boost to their superannuation from the federal budget, with the government announcing payday super reforms. Essentially, Aussies will now be paid super on the same day they are paid, rather than quarterly, as it is…
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Mortgage alert Cheap refinancing dries up as lenders go rogue on variable rates

First home super saver scheme: How it works and what it means for your tax

The first home super saver scheme (FHSS) gives first time buyers the chance to boost their savings in order to get on the property ladder. The scheme lets eligible Aussies invest extra into their super fund and then withdraw that money to help fund a deposit. Here’s a simple guide for how the scheme works. From July 1,…
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Your total super balance and wealth accumulation

6 steps to reviewing a super statement

Once a year you receive an annual statement from your super fund. While it might be tempting to just file it away, paying close attention to the contents of your super statement can be an important exercise. Here are our top tips on what to review when your statement comes your way, this month or…
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Mistake Government mulls major change to your retirement money

3 things you may not know about super

Setting goals is one thing, achieving them can be quite another. Which is why setting the right kind of goals can really matter. We sat down with Simon Russell at Behavioural Finance Australia to talk about how our goals can help us achieve what we want in life, and make us happy at the same…
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