Jeff John, B.E Wealth

One of the best ways to build trust with the team is to lead by example;

Rob and Shartru Wealth Management Pty Ltd are a Licensee that epitomises this creed. They have successfully built a team grounded in integrity and attitude of “roll up their sleeves”. Rob and the Shartru team continue to do what is necessary to support our business to deliver financial advice that is in our client’s best interest. Shartru provides all the required administrative, back office and para planning support, as we established our business and this continues as our business matures.

Rob & Shartru’s depth of regulatory and practical knowledge assisted us to quickly achieve profitability as a new business. Through regular and targeted communication, whether through webinars or one-on-one meetings, Rob and the team at Shartru kept us updated on the evolving nature of the financial advice. This support is critical to ensure that we continue to meet the changing regulatory requirements. There was never a moment that we felt isolated or lost. The commitment to ethics is grounded in every conversation with Rob and the team.

In addition to the core Shartru team, we have also had the pleasure of the growing trust and support of the broader Shartru community of authorised representatives. This desire to help is especially evident in matters of complex financial strategies.

I highly recommend any advisor considering the benefits of an advice solution or those seeking to establish a new financial planning business should have Shartru and Rob at the very top of their list. I would be glad to describe in more detail the support and ethos of Rob and Shartru.”