Lisa Bird, The Finance Bird

“I am a relatively new adviser who had exposure to three different dealer groups before becoming authorised. Shartru was the stand out dealer group of the three dealer groups I had exposure to, hence I am authorised with Shartru. There are many reasons why I considered Shartru stood out from the other dealer groups. The two reasons which are most important to me are as follows:

(1) When reviewing advice, the Shartru representatives offer suggestions as to other advice which may not have already been considered. This is important to me as I want to add as much value to my clients as possible, and it helps me to grow as an adviser.

(2) Shartru representatives thoroughly review advice to ensure it properly considers all relevant information relating to the client and that it will put the client in a better financial position overall. Shartru is a best practice dealer group with a focus on best interest advice. This is important to me as I want my clients to be happy long-term clients.”