Shartru Wealth Management is a full-service financial services dealer group established to provide operating freedom to financial advisers through outstanding support and financial services to individuals and families through intelligent advice.

The members of our management team each bear the scars of financial crises and know first-hand the damage that can be done when risk and compliance come second to profit-making.

We understand that building wealth takes time, as does building and sustaining a quality reputation.

That’s why we don’t manage money, we manage futures. It’s also why risk and reputation management will always be our number one priority.

We seek to protect the reputations of our advisers and connect our clients to best of breed providers of financial services. We innovate with purpose, aiming to bring new ideas to market for the sole benefit of our advisers and clients.

Our support services for advisers are provided by financial planning, stockbroking, taxation, property, insurance, and finance specialists who operate together in a team-based environment that is focused on the individual objectives of our advisers and their clients.

Shartru Wealth Management has authorised representatives Australia wide.

Our Adviser Platform

In 2007, CEO and representative, Rob Coyte, became disheartened with his then Australian Financial Services Licence (AFSL) provider on a range of issues including price, not allowing what needed to be done in front of clients and systematic failures including non-review of Approved Product List (APL) and authorised representative strategies.

Rob says: “We felt they were constantly pursuing their own interests and not focusing on providing us the services and oversight to assist us run, or protect, our financial advice business.”

In the wake of a GFC event, facilitated in part by the company’s then dealer group, many mum and dad investors were impacted.

“We got involved to try and sort out the mess, as it became obvious that they and other dealer groups were exposed to the problem were not equipped to deal with the situation. Where we had been initially stumped on the question: how did things go wrong – it quickly became apparent that the lack of knowledge and ethics of the people involved contributed to the disaster we now faced. At this stage, we knew that what the market lacked was a dealer group that was aligned with their financial advisers and, ultimately, their clients,” Rob explained.

As a result, Rob reviewed a range of AFSL providers in the market and quickly discovered that the best way to solve the challenges was to obtain his own AFSL, and thus Shartru Wealth Management was born.

“In our view, a dealer group should have only one business motive. It should have authorised representatives providing financial advice to the public at a level that not only satisfies the law, but is ethical. This is defined simply as what an individual would expect if they were provided the services by someone else.”

After gaining an AFSL, Shartru began documenting and simplifying core advice principles and practices, ensuring efficiencies became not only engrained in our business, but could be offered to other advisers through a dedicated support platform.

In delivering our support, we are focused on:

  1. Empowering advisers to focus on what they do best.
  2. Providing a platform for our advisers to be compliant in running their business.
  3. Providing outstanding support to enable our advisers to operate efficiently.

Providing more innovative solution for advisers to present to their clients. As a platform built by advisers for advisers, Rob is confident the Shartru Wealth Management platform is the right plug in model for like-minded advisers right across Australia.

Our tailored approach recognises that all advisers have different skills, experience and requirements, which is why our tailored approach extends to:

  • Advice our advisers can provide to clients
  • Risk management and compliance
  • Best of breed APL
  • Understanding individual capabilities, and providing an easy platform for those with less experience or skill to invest through model portfolios, our managed discretionary account or oversight by our investment committee
  • The ability for advisers to operate with their own branding and marketing initiatives
  • Empowering advisers to utilise other areas of their expertise within the advice process, such as accounting or mortgage broking.