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Why Shartru Wealth Management

10 Things You should know why we differ from others.

Shartru Wealth Management is the engine room for some of Australia’s most innovative, efficient and effective financial advisers and experts.

We provide an outstanding platform of support for financial advisers like you, ensuring you save time, resources and money, and empowering you to focus more on what you do best-giving advice.

sw icon were not attached to a bank

We're not attached to a bank

Shartru Wealth Management is not owned by a bank, and our support platform is built by advisers for advisers.

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We will save you time and money

Spend less time and money on the things that hold you back. We charge a fee to take care of everything from licensing and training, streamlined commercial compliance, adviser IT and investment managed account service. We believe we represent a great alternative to self-licensing. See the website for our full list of services.

sw icon practical compliance

We believe in practical compliance

Our compliance regime is based on the underlying law and the framework around it. We focus on the ‘key issues’ to make sure we are delivering appropriate advice to our clients and protecting our advisers and their businesses by doing so within a structured framework based on common sense and logic. We focus on auditing and preserving our reputation, which belongs to each authorised representative in our network.

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You gain access to subject matter experts

When you are part of the Shartru Wealth Management family, you join a nationwide network of advisers. Our complex advice area can provide you with expert advice on complex issues ranging from defined benefits, tax, aged care and so much more.

sw icon benefits of scale

Enjoy the benefits of scale

By getting together with like minded people it gives the opportunity to do things together that you cannot achieve on your own. Shartru Wealth Management has a number of innovative investment solutions that are not available elsewhere. We acknowledge the need to look outside the box and come up with unique proposition for your clients.

sw icon life easier

We've made life easier

Everything we do is focused on making life easier for you, from our IT platforms, to our compliance and licensing. It’s a platform that is designed by advisers for advisers.

sw icon maintain control

You maintain control

We know it is important for you to be the ‘gatekeeper’ to your client. We have therefore put together a suite of services that you can access for your clients. This means you can have appropriately qualified experts attending to your client’s needs in concert with your advice and not be concerned about the client ‘walking through another door’.

sw icon keep up to date

Keep Up To Date

The environment in which we operate is constantly changing. When you join the Shartru family, we will invite you to regular webinars where we discuss latest trends, investment ideas, policy developments, changes in law or topics relevant to our industry. We are proactive and dynamic, which means we are always open to new ideas that will benefit your clients.

sw icon solutions agnostic

We are solutions agnostic

We believe flexibility is the key to successful advice, which is why our solutions are not rigid. If you have a solution you wish to consider, we’ll happily evaluate the idea for you.

sw icon tailored advice

We believe tailored advice is everything

We’re not interested in a cookie-cutter approach to advice. Everything we do is tailored to the individual authorised representative. We recognised that the reputation of one is also in part the reputation of us all. This must be protected and managed. However, all advisers have different skills, experience and requirements.